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Mr. Rajdeepsinh B. Jadeja, born December 31, 1991, in Ahmedabad, India, is a graduate in B.A.LL.B (Five year integrated course) of the Sardar Patel University (2013) and Diploma in Cyber Law(D.C.L) from India Law Institute. Completed Master of Legislative Law from Sardar Patel University.

Since becoming licensed in 2013, he has concentrated his practice in the area of Real Estate litigation. To date, he has amassed settlements and verdicts in excess of huge.

The core of Mr. Rajdeepsinh Jadeja’s practice is litigation relating to Real Estate , in various legal forums, in wide range of matters relating to land misuse disputes, land acquisition proceedings, sale of property, leasing matters, house tax issues, and municipal rules and byelaws.

The majority of Mr. Rajdeepsinh Jadeja’s day is spent in the prosecuting case, presenting motions, conducting hearings, negotiating, arguing, and settling claims.

His true measure of success lies in the clients that are elated with the way their case is prosecuted and the ultimate result obtained and the referrals he is made from his existing and past clientele.

“When we say we are empowered by passion, we mean it. This is the way we have sticked with since the very first day of our business. We are proud of what we have done but also very keen for what can be done.”
Mr. Rajdeepsinh Jadeja

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